Aŭsianik Anton (Аўсянік Антон), engineer, political leader. Anton Aŭsianik was born in the village of Kabylle (Vialejka region) into a peasant family in 1888. He studied in the local schools and then graduated from the Technical Institute in Charkau and later on from the Ship-Building Institute in St. Petersburg. Aŭsianik joined the Belarusian Socialist Hramada in St. Petersburg and became active in Belarusian political life. For a few years he worked in the city of Babrujsk, establishing Belarusian political and civic organizations there. He was involved in organizing the election of delegates to the All-Belarusian Congress. Aŭsianik held various positions in the Belarusian governments and was also vice-chairman of the Belarusian Military Commission in 1919. He was also active in behalf of Belarusian Government in negotiations with the Lithuanians. He was elected to the Polish Sejm (Congress) and continued to be active in Belarusian activities in Western Belarus.

References: Biełaruski Kalandar, Vilna, 1923, p. 31; The Journal of Byelorussian Studies, London, vol. 5(3-4), 1984, pp. 18-20.

Паведаміць пра недакладнасьць