Daniluk Fiodar, Rev. (Данілюк Фёдар), religious and military leader. Fiodar Daniluk was born into a peasant family in the village of Surynka near the town of Słonim on August 12, 1887. He died in New York City on July 29, 1960. Daniluk studied in local schools, then attended the Orthodox Seminary in the town of Žyrovičy from which he graduated shortly before World War I. He was ordained to the priesthood much later. During World War I Daniluk was drafted into the Army and sent to military school in the town of Gatchina. As a young officer he served on many fronts and in Rumania became one of the organizers of Belarusian soldiers. He participated in the conference of Belarusian soldiers in Moscow in late 1917. During 1917-1918 he was again at the front lines, stationed in Belarus. Daniluk took a very active part in the organization of the Belarusian Army. He was active in the Belarusian Military Commission in 1919 and took part in military and civilian Belarusian affairs in the Horadnia and Vaŭkavysk regions. As a military officer in the Belarusian units of the Belarusian Democratic Republic, he was delegated to the Słucak region in 1920 to organize training of junior officers there. After the revolutionary years, Fiodar Daniluk turned to the vocation that he had had from the years of his youth: the priesthood. He was ordained in 1921. From then on his life was devoted to the service of the Church, his family, and the Belarusian people. As a consequence of the events of World War II, Father Daniluk came to the United States where he was the founder and first pastor of the Belarusian Autocephalic Orthodox Church in New York City, St. Cyril of Turaŭ.

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