Lavickaja Vanda (married name Losik Vanda; also spelled Lavitskaia; Лявіцкая Ванда), writer, civic activist, administrator, political leader. She is the daughter of the Belarusian writer Jadvihin Š. Vanda Lavickaja was born in the town of Radaškavičy, near Maładečna, on September 13 (25) 1895. Studied in Radaškavičy and in Miensk. Became involved in the activities of the Belarusian Socialist Hramada. Contributed to numerous journals and newspapers. She was on the editorial board of the magazines Sacha and Łučynka which were published in Miensk. During the revolutionary period Vanda Lavickaja worked mostly in the Committee for Assistance to the Victims of the War and was involved in organizing of the First All-Belarusian Congress. She was elected to membership-at-large of the Central Council of Belarusian Parties and Organizations which, in fact, was responsible for the preparation of the All-Belarusian Congress. Vanda Lavickaja married Jazep Losik and suffered all the tortures that were directed against her husband during the 1930s and later decades. She died on December 8, 1969.

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Паведаміць пра недакладнасьць