Miadziołka Paŭlina (married Hryb; Мядзёлка Паўліна), teacher, political leader. Miadziołka was born in the town of Budsłaŭ on 31 August (12 September) 1893; she died February 13, 1974. Miadziołka received an excellent education; she graduated from the General-Educational Courses in St. Petersburg in 1914. During her studies and especially after graduation she became involved in the Belarusian movement. She moved back and forth to Belarus and had a wide circle of connections throughout Belarus. Together with Advardy Budźka, Aleś Burbis, and other Belarusian leaders, she initiated many cultural and political projects. However, most of her talent went to the theater where she became famous as an accomplished artist and especially achieved recognition after successfully performing the role of Paŭlinka in Kupała's play Paŭlinka. This fame followed her all her life. While travelling with the Belarusian theater she distributed quantities of socialist political literature and participated in mass political rallies. She participated in selecting the delegates to the First All-Belarusian Congress. Assumed active role in the administration of the BDR when they moved to Horadnia. After World War I she settled in Latvia where she was one of the top leaders in organizing Belarusians in Latvia and particularly in the Belarusian school network. She was tried by the Latvian government for her Belarusian political activities and forced to leave to Soviet Belarus in 1925. Miadziołka was persecuted by the Soviets but was able to return to Belarus after World War II where she lived until her death.

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Паведаміць пра недакладнасьць