Mickievič Michaś (also spelled Mitskevich Michal; Міцкевіч Міхась), the youngest brother of Jakub Kołas; was born in in the settlement Albuć, near Mikałajeŭščyna on July 13, 1897. There the family of Jakub Kołas lived from 1891 to 1902. Michaś Mickievič graduated from the Niaśviž Teachers' Seminary in 1917. While a student in the seminary he was actively involved in the Belarusian movement. Mickievič was in Miensk in 1917 and took part in the preparations for the All-Belarusian Congress to which he was also a delegate. After the partition of Belarus in 1921, Michaś Mickievič lived in the settlement of Smolna. He dedicated his life to teaching: he taught in Belarus, and from 1944 on he lived in Western Europe; and later on in the United States where he also organized many Belarusian schools. Michaś Mickievič authored numerous textbooks for various levels of classes. He was also very involved in the activities of the Belarusian Orthodox Autocephalic Church and was an officer in several Belarusian parishes. Michaś Mickievič resides presently in New York.

References: Belarusian-American Association, N. Y. Chapter, Archives.

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