Ružaniec-Ružancoŭ Alaksandar (also spelled: Ruzhanets-Ruzhantsoŭ; Ружанец-Ружанцоў Аляксандар), historian, military man, bibliographer. Ružaniec-Ružancoŭ was born in the city of Viaźma, Smalensk region, on August 12, 1893. He died in Danville, Illinois, on July 26, 1966.

Alaksandar Ružaniec-Ružancoŭ was an educated man with wide interests. He began his education in the city of Viaźma and continued it at the University of Moscow, where he graduated as a historian. Subsequently, he attended and graduated from the Alekseyevskoye Military School in Moscow. During World War I, he served in the army and in 1917 began to work with the Belarusian movement. His association with the movement was mostly along military lines: by 1919 he served as a commander of the Belarusian military unit in the Lithuanian Army and fought against the invading Red Army. From 1918 to 1921 Ružaniec-Ružancoŭ established and edited a number of Belarusian military journals. For a short period of time he served in the Belarusian administration in Horadnia region. Between the wars Ružaniec-Ružancoŭ lived in Lithuania and was actively associated with the Belarusian political leadership. During World War II he was active in the Belarusian Army. After World War II he lived in West Germany, then settled in the United States. He headed the Lithuanian Bibliographic Service in Exile. Ružaniec-Ružancoŭ contributed many bibliographical analyses within the framework of the Belarusian Institute of Arts and Sciences.

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