Sabaleŭski Jury (also spelled Sobolewski; Сабалеўскі Юры), land surveyor, administrator, political leader. Sabaleŭski was born into the family of a railroad worker in the town of Stoŭpcy on April 24, 1889. He died in West Germany on December 26, 1957. Sabaleŭski studied in the town of Stoŭpcy and graduated from the Technical School in Kaunas. He began his professional career in Belarus as a land surveyor and had close contact with Belarusian peasants all over Belarus. He contributed numerous reports to the newspaper Naša Niva, reflecting the everyday life of the Belarusian countryside. Sabaleŭski was drafted during World War I and served on various fronts. After the February Revolution Sabaleŭski organized the Belarusian military and went to his native region to assist in organizing the Belarusian administration and the delegation to the All-Belarusian Congress, 1917. After the establishment of the Polish state, he lived in Western Belarus. He was elected to the Polish Sejm and served from 1922 to 1928. Sabaleŭski disagreed strongly with the Polish policies in Belarus, but was also a vocal critic of the activities of the Belarusian Hramada for its soft stand against Soviet influence. He was against any negotiations with the Soviet government. For a short period of time he emigrated from Poland to Germany, but soon returned to Poland. Sabaleŭski was arrested by the Soviets in 1939 and it was only the German-Soviet conflict in 1941 which saved Sabaleŭski from a long term in Siberia. Sabaleŭski was very active during World War II in organizing the Belarusian Self-Assistance Organization (Biełaruskaja Narodnaja Samapomač) and was the second Vice-president of the Belarusian Central Council. After the war Sabaleŭski lived in West Germany, then emigrated to the United States, and returned to West Germany in the mid-fifties. He wrote numerous articles on political topics, but became less active during the post-World War II years.

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Паведаміць пра недакладнасьць