People's Secretariat, The

The First People's Secretariat (Narodny Sakrataryjat; Народны Сакратарыят) (the Government of the Belarusian Democratic Republic), established February 19-21, 1918. Jazep Varonka, chairman and Foreign Affairs; I.Makrejeŭ, Interior; Arkadź Smolič, Education; E.Bialevič, Justice; Ivan Sierada, Economic Affairs; V.Redźka, Communication, Transportation; H.Belkind, Finances; Pałuta Badunova, Social and Welfare, Housing; A.Karač, Post and Telegraph; Piotra Krečeŭski, State Control; Tamaš Hryb, Agriculture; Kanstantyn Jezavitaŭ, Military Affairs; P.Zlobin, Russian Affairs; L.Gutman, Jewish Affairs; Lavon Zajac, chief of staff; Vasil Zacharka, Treasurer.

This list is taken from Vasil Zacharka's manuscript "The Major Events in the Belarusian Movement," p. 31. The composition of the First People's Secretariat is given slightly differently in other publications such as Piotra Krečeŭski's Zamiežnaja Biełaruś (1926), p. 53; Jazep Najdziuk's Biełaruś Učora i Siańnia (1944), p. 167; N.S.Stashkevich's Prigovor Revoliutsii... (1985), p. 160; E.Kanchar's Belorusskii Vopros (1919), p. 75; Biełaruski Kalendar, Swajak, na 1919 hod. Wilnia, 1919, pp. 25-26; and in Kryvič, 9(1) 1925, p. 92. However, the differences in these listings are not major, simply the omission of a few names such as V.Zacharka, T.Hryb, A.Smolič, L.Zajac, L.Gutman, H.Belkind. Different authors have, however, omitted different names. The First People's Secretariat functioned until May of 1918.

The Second People's Secretariat (Narodny Sakrataryjat; Народны Сакратарыят) of the BDR: May 1918 - May 1918. The official title of the Secretariat was "The Provisional Council of Five" (Časovaja Rada Piacioch). It consisted of Jazep Varonka, Kanstantyn Jezavitaŭ, Piotra Krečeŭski, Vasil Zacharka, and E.Bialevič.

The Third People's Secretariat, May 1918 - June 1918. Chairman and the Prime Minister, Raman Skirmunt; Secretary of Interior, General Kandratovič, Secretary of the Treasury, Chrzanstoŭski, and members: Radasłaŭ Astroŭski and Pavał Alaksiuk.

The Fourth People's Secretariat, June 1918 - June 1918. Chairman, Ivan Sierada, members: Vasil Zacharka, T.Viernikoŭski, and Lavon Zajac.

The Fifth People's Secretariat, June 1918 - December 13, 1919. At the meeting of October 9-11, 1918 the Provisional Constitution of the Belarusian Democratic Republic was adopted and the title The People's Secretariat was changed to "The Council of Ministers" (Rada Ministraŭ). Its membership included: Chairman and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anton Łuckievič; Education, Arkadź Smolič; Justice, Alaksandar Ćvikievič; Finances, Vasil Zacharka; Interior, Jazep Varonka; State Comptroller, Lavon Zajac; after a rearrangement the Council was joined by Kuźma Ciareščanka, who replaced Jazep Varonka after his resignation, and A.Ladnoŭ, who became the Minister of Military Affairs.

During this period of time the Soviet Republic of Belarus was also established. The Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic was officially proclaimed in the city of Smalensk on January 1, 1919. The first government of Soviet Belarus as of January 1919 consisted of the following persons — non-Belarusians: A.Miasnikow, R.Pikel, I.Reingold, M.Kolmanovich, A.Andreew, K.Rozental, I.Savitskii, S.Bersan, G.Naidzionkow, S.Ivanov, and V.Iarkin (eleven non-Belarusians) and eight Belarusians: Źmicier Žyłunovič, Aleś Čarviakoŭ, Jazep Dyła, Źmicier Čarnuševič, I.Puzyroŭ, A.Kvačaniuk, Usievaład Falski, and Fabijan Šantyr.

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