Jakubiecki (Jakuboŭski) Andrej (also spelled Iakubetski; Якубецкі Андрэй), teacher and a military man. He was born in the village of Suchmiani, near Horadnia, on October 5, 1892. Studied in local schools and then in the Śvisłač Teachers' Seminary from which he graduated in 1912. During the war he served in the army and graduated from the Alexandrine Military College in Moscow in 1915. As an officer, he saw action on numerous fronts. In 1918 while in Horadnia, he began serving the Government of the Belarusian Democratic Republic as an officer and later as a civilian administrator. Since he was from the Horadnia region, Jakubiecki was elected chairman of the Belarusian Peasant Council of the Horadnia region in 1918.

In 1919 he became a member of the Belarusian Military Commission, working closely with Aleś Harun; and in 1920 he took part in the Słucak Front.

After World War I, Jakubiecki stayed in Poland but was arrested by the Poles in 1921 and imprisoned. In 1922 he was expelled from Poland and sent directly to Lithuania. He emigrated from Lithuania to Latvia and taught in numerous Belarusian schools there. Jakubiecki was still active in Belarusian administration during World War II but vanished after the war.

References: Novy Šlach, Miensk-Riga, no. 4(40), February 1944, p. 14.

Паведаміць пра недакладнасьць